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Welcome to Fatimia Community Services Society of BC Website

Starting this week, Fatimia programs will be as follow:

Every Thursday:

Starts at 8Pm with recitation of the holly Quraan. then Dua’a Kumail and Salaat Jama’at.

Every Friday:

Starts at 8pm with Manqabat Khani, Speech and Salaat Jama’at.

برنامه های جدید فاطمیه:

برنامه های فاطمیه از این هفته روز های پنجشنبه :

راس ساعت 8 بعد از ظهر با دوره قرآن کریم شروع شده سپس دعای روح بخش کمیل و نماز جماعت مغرب و عشا خواهد بود

و برنامه های فاطمیه در روز های جمعه:

راس ساعت 8 بعد از ظهر تلاوت قرآن کریم مناقب خوانی، سخنرانی و نماز جماعت خواهد بود.


Fatimia is  a member of NASIMCO ( North American Shia Ithna-asheri Muslim Communities Organization )


Mission Statement:
To provide an Islamic community center for the Muslim families and youth, to channel the energy of the youth towards serving Allah by engaging them in positive community services, and to deliver the message of Islam to the public: spirituality, peace & compassion.

A strong Shia Muslim Community, where families & youth are vibrantly engaged in religious and community services & education.


  • Integrity and dignity
  • Unity & teamwork
  • Honesty & transparency
  • Learning & education
  • Respect
  • Compassion & empathy

A Registered Canadian Charitable Organization